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[edit] ARDUSAT

I like to develop experiments for space applications. The ARDUSAT cubesat family developed by Nanosatisfi are supposed to allow practicing with real cubesats. In this wiki, I set up a collaborative environment to develop ideas of what to do with the satellite with the hope to put them into practice.

We are therefore engaged in doing science for low cost satellite missions. We plan to deliver and share our findings with the community. Our aim is to design experiments for the cubesat sensors and find out what interesting things can be carried out which such hardware. The software that we would produce would be free/open source software.

The ARDUSAT-1 and ARDUSAT-X cubesats were launched the 20/Nov/2013 without much operational success. They carry a large set of sensors connected to Arduino boards. They were supposed to allow science to be carried out for a low cost price tag.

All the contents here are licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, the same as the Wikipedia. The purpose is to allow free exchange of content between Wikimedia Foundation sites and this wiki.

[edit] Production and Scientific Work

First, there is a separate page for describing the Sensor List.

Using the instruments, we should:

  • Get nice photos (earth, etc)
  • Measure magnetic field, particle fluxes, etc

The original page for funding Ardusat brings many other ideas.

We should get satellite data from mission control. We could work with it and we should do some science like:

  • comparison of models with measured data across the orbit for some of the instruments

[edit] Experiment and Supporting Services Pages

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