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Wiki about personal ideas and projects. like to develop applications related to space projects. In this wiki, I set up a collaborative environment to develop ideas of what to do with the satellite with the hope to put them into practice. I am engaged in doing science for low cost satellite missions, delivering and sharing our findings with the community. The software produced would be free/open source software.

All the contents here are licensed with the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, the same as the Wikipedia. The purpose is to allow free exchange of content between Wikimedia Foundation sites and this wiki.


[edit] Objectives

See how to apply software to business processes and to scientific applications. That involves creating software that can support practical scientific computations in an easy to understand way.

Concentrate on Scala because its type safety, elegance for composing functions, immutability support, DSL support, etc.

Apply technologies on an Open Source project in github as:

  • Spacecraft simulator (SMPv2)
  • Orekit interface
  • Scalalab for data reduction / analysis
  • Open Source S/W Tools for spacecraft system design

Get contacts on startups and on projects that might interest me to apply these technologies.

[edit] Tegnologies

Java Scala Simulation Spire Celest

[edit] Old Projects


[edit] TODO

  • Introduce Spire for Vector3D / Vec3 first using Double
  • Test changes of Coordinate Systems
  • Understand how eclipse aether works
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